Fireworks Advertising Uganda Announces partnership with Trance Events ahead of the 2019 Annual Uganda DJ Awards

Caleb Owino

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 17:29

Kololo, July 25th, 2019; fireworks Advertising Limited, an integrated communication, sales and marketing advisory firm has today announced a partnership with Trance Events International, the organisers of the now 13th Edition of the Annual DJ Awards in Uganda, which was unveiled at a media briefing held at fireworks advertising office in Kololo.

Uganda DJ Awards is a freestyle DJ battles competition that ranks top DJs after the battle for supremacy with the aim to empower talented unknown DJs to get known by the music lovers and music hotspot audiences in Uganda. The Uganda DJ Awards platform identifies and helps optimally harness the potential of talented DJs who are unknown in such a way that can strike a balance between their own quality of life as well as towards their meaningful contribution to the society

While briefing the media, Mr. Frank Muthusi the General Manager, fireworks Advertising remarked that the Agency has in the past partnered with and supported different stakeholders with expertise in different fields of operation but DJ Awards is the first of its kind in this category that the business is partnering with to identify and support DJ’s talent.

“We shall be providing management services to the Trance Events and we are looking forward to a long-standing relationship between the two entities,” said Mr. Muthusi adding that, “As an agency well known for igniting talent and building great brands over the last 11 years through executing successful campaigns, we envisaged this as an opportunity to come on board towards a positive cause of empowering the talent of DJ’s and contributing to the overall music and entertainment industry in Uganda.”

Mr. Anthony Yawe, the Managing Director Trance Events extended appreciation to fireworks Advertising for their commitment to this cause, citing a long-term benefit for the DJ’s that will be participating but more importantly, the entertainment industry as a whole.

“We have held successful Annual Uganda DJ Awards editions in the past which has seen us steadily progress with time, and we believe by partnering with fireworks Advertising Ltd which is a top tier marketing and communication advisory firm, we shall accomplish our target of best communicating and appealing to our target audiences,” said Mr. Anthony Yawe

He further lauded Pioneer DJ the makers of Pioneer DJ turn-tables and other top-of-the-range entertainment systems for providing the latest equipment on the market for this competition. He said that, “This year, Pioneer Corporation has brought a new twist and exciting experience to the competition and has offered their latest entrant into the market, the “Turntables” that will be used by the DJ’s while competing for the title, giving them a chance to work with one of the world’s most robust pioneer turntable made so far.”

Since 2008 when it was first launched, the Uganda Annual DJ Awards which has so far rewarded over 231 DJ’s, 20 of whom are female, for their distinguished talent seeks to offer a platform for hidden talent for the DJs’ who might not have the stage to showcase what they have and as well be empowered so that these success stories are told through the media, remarked Mr. Yawe.

Set to be held in early August, The DJ Awards will traverse different parts of the country including; Mbale, Jinja, Gulu, Masaka. Mbarara and Kampala.

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